Ah yes, the 70s. Remember when men were encouraged to share their feelings, and every college girl’s record collection included Carole King’s “Tapestries” and “Best of Bread?” Nelson, Reade, and Lyssa do.

Looks like these two might just do some bonding after all.

The trouble is, that we won’t know about it for a while. I’ve run out of buffer, and I’m still in a slump. I’ve got the next strip written, but I just can’t seem to make it come to life. So, I’m gonna take a break for a bit and try to get this whole drawing thing to work. I’ve got some ideas on where I want to go with Groovy, Kinda. There might be some changes ahead, or it might just take a different turn. I’ll keep you posted.
And thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. You really are the best. Take care, and check back from time to time.


UPDATE: Sheesh! See how bad my brain working is? I completely forgot to share this awesome drawing of everyone’s favorite vampire, The Famous Supermodel Victoria, done by our very own awesomeness himself, Neil Kapit of “We Are The WyreCats” fame! Thank you, favorite Underdog!