Well, just whom could Amy mean? I think you’ve got this one figured out. I shall say no more.

Except that the next update will be on Thursday instead of Wednesday. I apologize for the delay. The deadline for that project is coming up, and I need some time to finish it. And, I’ll tell you more about it next time. I think you’ll be quite excited about it.

Speaking of exciting, last week I was the Spotlighted Comic over at the Webcomic Underdogs. If you’d like to see the critiques, or read an interview with Yours Truly, the link is here.

But wait, there’s more!

JWCraig, creator of the awesomeness that is “Sweet Dreams Are Made of Worms,” has graced us with another incredible piece of Guest Art:

And she’s wearing her introductory outfit! I love it. Thank you, J!

By the way, there’s another sweet piece of art coming up with Thursday’s strip.