Page three of the fabulous M9 Girls/Groovy, Kinda crossover, brought to you by me and the talented Rulo Potamo, creator of the M9 Girls!

Poor Any. It’s gotta be tough, keeping those two in line. Gosh, just imagine how hard it would be if there was another M9 Girl!

Speaking of, tune in again Monday when…okay, okay, there is another M9 Girl.  You’ll see who it is and maybe see what she can do. And what her doing what she can do would do to Robie, and what Stephanie would do if she did do that thing she can do. Are you as confused as I am?

Speaking of the Li’l Stinker, our good friend Dragonsreach has sent us what I like to think of as a New Year’s Robie:

Let’s hope Edison is paying attention when she pours another drink.

Thank you, Mike. He’s beautiful. I love it!