Miffy, Caliban, and Miranda dressed as criminals? I might as well retire right now. I have nothing more to say as an artist.
Except I’m so happy to give you one more moment to spend with your favorite character, Miffy. She knows how much you’ve missed her, and how her mere presence has brightened up your otherwise dreary life.  You’re welcome.

I do want to apologize for the tardiness of this one. I was going to post it last week, when my job called me away.
But it’s here now, in all its glorious “Don’t Even Think of Messing With Eleanor” glory. I think we’ve all re-learned a very important lesson.
Coming soon-a visitor to Reade’s Bookstore. You know exactly who it’ll be.


UPDATE: I have two comics I’d love to post, but WordPress won’t let me upload images.

Stay tuned, I know a handsome handsome hippo who will help me fix this crazy situation.

Also, I finally fixed the Archives. Now both Groovy Kinda and Groovy Comics should have every post. Now to someday tag every page…