Oh gosh, where to start? So much in this strip.
First off, the title. scrutator, according to my trusty 1924 Webster’s, is n. [L.] – one who scrutinizes. A quidnunc, by the way, is: “one who is curious to know everything that’s going on, a gossip.” And, while Stephanie doesn’t fit the last part, it was too good not to use.
Faithful readers (you, you, and especially you) will remember that Stephanie’s mentioned a wish to solve mysteries before.  Geoffrey had no idea of this, of course. It was pure luck.
And people do like to tell Stephanie things. Often whether they like to or not.
I was gonna put dialogue on the Clue Card panel, but realized that less is more.
Stephanie as Dick Tracy? Well, she knows that many years before Edison Lighthouse actually met Dick Tracy. Astute readers (you, you, and you too) know that Edison often wears Tracy’s hat.
By the way, I’d like to thank Joe Staton again for sending me the original pencils for that strip. He is a great guy.
Sooo, it looks like Stephanie’s decided to not tell Larry if Edison doesn’t come clean. Hope Edison finds that out before she confesses. If she does. Guess we’ll find out pretty soon.
But not next time. Next time we’ll hang out with the Testosterone Trio, Nelson, Toivo, and Larry. There’ll be the usual bantering, a cameo, a giant winged-Oh, but that’d be giving too much away. You’ll just have to stick around!