Oh,these three. What in the world is Toivo thinking? Will it involve another bomb (like they’d know how to make one anyway). Also, according to my 1924 Webster’s, “stupidous” really is a word.
Eleanor appears as a giant, flaming sword wielding robot because why not?
You might recognize “Lesser’s Liquor,” and the young creature featured therein. That’s Luna Lesser, from “The Trivial Tales of Luna Lesser,” a totally insane and very funny (and smart) comic that should be on your reading list.
Meanwhie, he young lady on the window is my pathetic attempt to cameo Katherine, she of the amazing This Mortal Coil. Glenn is a marvelous (in all senses of the word) talent and you’ll be happy you visited.
I will spare you Toivo’s plan, with its frequent misspellings and crudely drawn figures. Suffice to say, we’ll see it in action soon. Those of you who’ve read “Blue Moon: The Adventures of Lyssa and the Pirates” will recognize the underlying theory behind it.
Next time, we jump to Victoria’s Vampire World for a perfectly logical and well thought out discussion between Herself and a somewhat inebriated Edison Lighthouse. Which will make perfect sense, I promise. No, really.