Uh-oh. Well, to be fair, she really didn’t have much of a choice. And he does cut quite the dashing figure, doesn’t he?

I wanted to let you know that Thursday’s strip might be late. I have to finish my piece for The Webcomic Underdogs’ 1st Annual Valentine’s Day Love Child Project (or whatever we’re calling it). See, we each take a character from someone else’s strip, cross them with one of ours, and illustrate the Love Child that results. I’ll post it on Valentine’s Day. 

UPDATE: Yep, Thursday’s strip is gonna be late. It’s almost done, but I need some sleep. I’m working at the library tomorrow, so we’ll see when I can get the time to finish it. Should be Thursday night at the latest. I think you’ll like it.
Thanks for your patience. You’re the best!

Oh, and I’ll have the Valentine’s Day Love Children art up on Friday. I think you’ll like that too.