Boy, did she ever.
Were Larry, Toivo, and Nelson wrong about Eleanor? Remember, they based their assumptions on absolutely no evidence whatsoever.
Did Eleanor really just push The Famous Supermodel Victoria through the discombobulationotron to punish her for wanting to leave Larry? And did Vicky want to leave Larry? What will happen if/when she comes back? Will she have “learned her lesson” and want to be with him again?

Or, since Eleanor knows what they were thinking, did she lie to throw them off the scent? Or is there something else going on? Or is she mis-remembering the event because of her brain tumor? Does she even have a brain tumor?
I may be the only one who isn’t confused right now.
But, you know what’s really important? That I finally broke the longest Artist’s Block I’ve ever suffered through! And I never would’ve done it without your support. Thank you so much for standing by me.
And an especially big thanks to hippo and melaredblu, for all their support and inspiration. You two really made this strip happen. Thank you.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to the drawing board. I’m really out of practice…