Anya is the Queen of Storytimes, in English or Chuckleslovakian (and a few others we haven’t heard yet).

Kind of gives Eleanor something to think about, doesn’t it? Will she change her mind about her “plan?” Ah, who knows?*
A little word on the Chuckleslovakian language. You’ll notice that they used the German “zwei” for “two.” During World War I, when Chuckleslovakia was still under the hated, smelly Brungarian’s thumb, they were under German occupation. As bad as the Germans were, they were still far better than the Brungarians, and the Chucklesovakians found that saying certain German words would really get the Brungarian’s dander up. So they adopted some German words, especially “zwei,” which sounds a lot like “zwei,” which is Brungarian for “sweetheart.”
And, in case you didn’t catch it, “brunga dunga” is Chuckleslovakian slang for “stinky monkey.” It’s an old Chuckleslovakian children’s song.

Now, why did Mrs. Flintensteel say “queen?” Does she know Anya’s secret?
Mrs. Flintensteel is a librarian, after all, and a darned good one at that. So you know two things about her: She’s got amazing “finding out things” skills, and even more amazing “protect patron’s privacy” dedication. So, if she does, she won’t tell anyone. Even Anya. Ah, who knows?*
Coming up: Eleanor starts to go to work on Anya, while Anya goes to work on Eleanor. You’ll have to tune in to find out!


* Me. I know. But I’m not telling. Yet.