Oh my gosh? Who can it be? Someone who knows Larry, that’s all we know. I can say no more about it.

And, not surprisingly, Stephanie can catch bullets. She’s just full of surprises.
Oh, but she (and you) are in for a surprise next time!


Also, I added two new wonderful comics to the “Links” section over there on your right. “Berrybelle” is a really neat science fiction comic with a mysterious story, beautiful art, and a main character who might remind you of someone.
“SPQR Blues” isn’t new, but I just discovered (and fell in love with) it recently. It’s a soap-opera set in Ancient Rome. If you like Roman history as much as I do, or you just like a really good story well told, you’ll love it.

And I just added the original cover to “The Importance of Being Eleanor.” What the heck, here it is: