Stand up comedy! Pig Latin! Goth girls (well, they weren’t Goth back in Edison’s day, but still…)! I tells ya, Sunny Jim, this comic’s got it all!*
Actually, this comic was a lot of fun to draw. I needed to do the groupies bit (you’ll see why in a couple of strips) and after I started drawing I got the idea to have Victoria and Edison explain it as a dialogue. Then I had an image of them as 50’s comediennes, and hey, what the heck? Why not? It is a comic after all. Sometimes you just gotta grab the waterskis and let the muse take you where she wants to go.

Maybe someday I’ll draw Larry’s Glam Surfer Cowboy phase. Or leave that to one of my friends to draw. We’ll see.

And a big Gothic Thank You to melaredblu, she of Princess Chroma and Here I Lie Awake fame, for her input on Edison’s past. You are the bestest ever.stand

*Everything except Eleanor getting mad at Victoria. And a bit of a bombshell. I’m saving that for next time.