Everybody who saw this coming, raise your hands. Well, really, can you blame them?
So, that’s HMS Iolanthe, Utopia Ltd.’s finest deep space exploration and trading ship. It’s from a couple of comics I did for Xxxenophile Presents, back a long time ago. They’re very NSFW, I’m afraid.
It’s too bad, ’cause those are two of my favorite comics. Ah well, I may post them sometime. I still have one whole “Utopia, Unlimited” strip that’s never seen the light of day.
Anyway, here’s Victoria telling a little about herself:
There’ll be more in the future.
Speaking of the future, the next strip may be late. I’m not only moving to a new place (where I’ll have more room to draw!), but rehearsals are starting for another play. I’ll do my best, because the next strip will have a BIG surprise for somebody. More than one somebody…