Oh brother. Two Eleanors?
This could get silly.
But who is this Eleanor? Where did she come from? And does she wear that hat all the time?
And Konot? What is he? Why does he talk like that? What’s in the cup he’s carrying?
How’s Vicky gonna deal with two Eleanors? How are the two Eleanors going to deal with each other?
Oh, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. There should be some answers next Monday. Or maybe more questions.
Guess you’ll just have to stick around!
Oh, before I forget-check the links to your right. There’s a new comic. Excuse me, another EPIC comic: CKS Chronicles! Now in glorious Technicolor!
UPDATE: Speaking of epic comics, Clockwork Atrium has returned! Time to go back and get all caught up again!