UPDATE: Again, I’m sorry that today’s strip isn’t finished. It should be here by tomorrow. I’ve been busy with the holidays and some Secret Santa projects.

UPDATED UPDATE: Well, while we’re waiting for me to completely rewrite and redraw the comic that should’ve been out yesterday, let’s share some really cool art.

Here’s another saucy peppermint stick of sticky sweetness from the lovely and talented Michael Yakutis:

I love what he’s done with Anya, don’t you?

And, here’s one of the reasons why I’ve been late with Groovy, Kinda. Hjels (of October 20th fame) and I teamed up to surprise melaredblu (of Princess Chroma fame) with a Secret Santa Thank You card:


Coming up-more Secret Santa goodies! And a new Groovy, Kinda strip! I promise!