…Victoria, of course. And… vampire? Sure looks like it, doesn’t it? Well, you know we have no truck with surprises ’round these parts, so everyone (except maybe Amy) can rest easily. At least they know where they stand. Or do they?

Frankly, it’s nice to see Victoria doing well. One never knows how someone will fare after being shoved into another dimension. Looks like she might have some residual feelings for Larry, so maybe Edison shouldn’t rest so easily either.

Okay, enough speculating! Throw some comments on here and I’ll try to confuse you even more.
In the meantime, Now Here’s Something We Hope You’ll Really Like: The talented and fabulous MJ Massey, one of my favoritest comic creators (she of the mighty Vatican Assassins) HAS A NEW COMIC STARTING RIGHT NOW!

It’s called Black Ball, and, well, I’ll let mj describe it:
“In the 1920s, ladies’ hair is short, music is loud, and the underground secret world of New York is flowing with alcohol and illegal magic.

Emily Trent has always lived in the shadow of her more elegant and prettier sister Amelia. But when Amelia is murdered, something doesn’t add up, especially when Emily discovers a secret spell crafting kit in Amelia’s room.

To solve the mystery, Emily will have to dive into the world of the illegal spellcraft trade and the roaring night life of the speakeasies of New York. Her only clue: a letter addressed to Miss Millie DeBoer–aka the belle of Black Ball, the city’s most infamous night club. But Black Ball was busted by the cops, and no one knows where, or if, this moving party will pop up next….”
Spoiler Alert: I’ve read the first chapter, and it’s wonderful! Congratulations, you now have another cool comic to enjoy!