First off, I’m sorry this is so late. I had a couple of strips written, started one, realized it wasn’t going to work, scrapped it, and started over. That’s when I didn’t have the Artist’s and Writer’s Block.
But enough about that!

Oh, that Amy. She’s got inside information. She knows how Eleanor’s been acting lately, and she figured out a way to make some cold hard cash from it. Always looking for her angle.
I think Eleanor made the right decision. I mean, look how well Miffy and her subjects are getting along!

Oh, and that little guy in the engineer cap in the first panel? That’s the adorable Pim pim, one of the stars of one of my favorite comics ever: Berrybelle. It’s a wonderful comic, and I just love Pim pim (and Berrybelle, of course). Give it a read!