Is this great? The mighty mjmassey, of Vatican Assassins fame, has graced us with a wonderful strip as part of the 2nd Annual Webcomic Underdogs April Fool’s Day Comic Switcheroo!

We had a theme this year: Tragic Haircuts. I do believe she nailed it. And I love her attention to detail. Everything, including the stuff in the freezer, is perfect.
If you haven’t read Vatican Assassins, I highly recommend adding it to your reading list.  I really fell in love with it when I was researching this switcheroo.

And you should stop over there anyway, ’cause I have a strip up! And, if you want to see more Tragic Haircut switcheroos, check out this forum.

Coming up Thursday-it’s home with Edison and Robespierre and…ah well, you’ll see what happens when Larry and Stephanie get home.