Is this great, or what? The mighty Michael Yakutis whipped up this baby as a thank you for helping with the 1st Ever Webcomic Underdog’s Anthology. Thank you Michael!

I had the great privilege of manning the Underdogs table at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend with Michael and Marisa, alpha dogs of the Webcomic Underdogs. They were a lot of fun and a wonderful couple of people. And I got to meet some fellow Underdogs.
We also did a panel on the Importance of Community in Webcomics, which may be on YouTube sometime, if the rumors are correct.

Now, you’ve probably noticed that there’s no comic today. Well, between ECCC and doing a super secret project that you’ll find out about tomorrow, I didn’t have time to do one. However, Thursday’s update should be on time.

To help tide you over, here’s a couple of comics from… from a long time ago. This is Nelson’s first meeting with Eleanor.


I think this was the ninth and tenth comic strips that I ever did. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it.