Ain’t it funny how your brain works sometimes (and mine works sometimes at best)? As soon as I started writing this strip, I knew it was going to end with my favorite “Peanuts” quote, from (in case you were wondering) August 16, 1960.
And why is Edison naked except for a big hat, you may ask? Well, thanks for asking, and I’ll tell you.
Because this is one of my favorite drawings of her. Don’t know why, but I just love that big hat talking.
Come to think of it, it might be time for Hindenburger’s Restaraunt to fly back to Innesmount.
And is Edison really having an out of body experience, or is everyone imagining her? And why is she naked except for a big hat?
Anyway, next week brings a change of scenery! And a really big word that isn’t “discombobulationotron!” Stick around, won’t you?