Ay-yi-yi. Anya’s about to unleash both barrels of monkeys on poor (poor?) Larry. Will she succeed in stealing him away? What will Stephanie do about this? What will Edison do? We’ll find out in our next thrilling installment, called… um… well, actually, I don’t name these strips until just before I post ’em. Anyway, I think you’ll like next week’s. It’s got-ah, but that’d be telling. Just wait for the surprise.
Meanwhile, if you were wondering who all Robespierre’s li’l buddies are, counter-clockwise from Pickles the Dog (with his tongue out)from The M9 Girls, Marquitsune, courtesy of the wonderful comic “Bound by Blood,” which will feature a kewl cameo by someone from Groovy, Kinda, Snuggles the Hippo, Robie himself, Mr. Cuddles the Teddy Bear, the Unburied King (if I have that right, Hjels)  from October 20th, and, last but not least, Leopold, aka Spiders, from the magnificent “The Refraction of Princess Chroma.”
Whew. That’s a lot of awesome in one basket.
And, astute readers (you, you, and, of course, you) will notice that the picture behind Larry is from “Utopia, Unlimited #1.”